Why We Exist

To Make Real Home Therapy Techniques Available to Parents

Most parents learn what to teach a child but need the KNOW-HOW to get children to learn.

At Agents of Speech, we provide the goals and coach parents on exactly HOW it should be implemented at home. Once a parent is confident in teaching, there isn't anything parents cannot teach.

Our Values

Honesty is The Only Policy

We find glory in being honest - whatever the situation is, we promise to be transparent.

Even if it means having difficult conversations and being upfront.

Under no circumstance we stretch reality If we don't know then we don't know - communication will be as clear as black and white.

Clear, Simple and Concise

As simple as possible is what we live by. We strive to make concepts easy to understand. 

We take the shortest path possible. Keeping everything concise when teaching, giving feedback and acting upon your feedback.

Unconditional Positive Regard

We place no condition on acceptance.

No matter what a person does or says, we uphold a positive impression of that person.

We act in the best interest of people and completely support and accept them so that we nurture the person's growth. We care.