How This Mother Taught Her Son to Speak Sentences in 1 Week

All You Need to 15 Minutes a Day (And it's Free)

Is it a struggle every day to push your child to speak?

Well, you’re not alone, actually 99% of the parents we speak to have the same problem.

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could get him to talk with a push of a button?

No more…

Hand pulling




Instead, he speaks to YOU (not just repeating stuff from YouTube).

“I know my child can talk, but he just refuses to use it” says 99% of all speech delayed parents.

Want to know why?

Well, the answer is: you’re not inviting him to talk to you…

What does that even mean Ming!? And this is when you’ll say…I already make her talk whenever she wants something! He only speaks when I ask him what he wants!

It really is up to her mood, there’s nothing I can do. He knows how to do it… He’s just being naughty and a trickster! Sounds to me your child is controlling the interaction.

What I’m trying to say is… there’s a much easier way instead of repeating yourself 100X a day.

It’s the way you interact with your little one.

You need to learn a new habit, a new method and stop doing what isn’t working!

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With better communication habits, you would:

…see huge improvements in language

…have your child follow every instruction

…keep his temper in check

…teach her anything you want

…stop him from running away (keeping him safe from danger)

…have her sit quietly and patiently without a gadget (including meal time)

…control the snatching (so you don’t have to apologize to strangers anymore)

Even the best therapist in the world (or supernanny) who gets your child to follow everything cannot go home with you. 

So, it’s super important that you know exactly how to handle your child at home yourself.

If you're saying: But I’m not patient enough…Is this going to be too hard for me? I’m not a therapist or teacher, I never had training!

Worry not my dear friend, we’ve been teaching online for more than a year now.

And mothers like yourself (or dads, yes, you’re in the minority here) are taking these simple advices and crushing it at home.

What You'll Learn

  1. Sure Fire Way to Teach Your Child to Sit Nicely - 5:46
  2. How to Fix Your Ignored  Questions and Commands - 6:33
  3. How to Tackle Babbling and "Alien Language" - 6:10
  4. Teaching Communication Initiative (For Children Who Talk Only When Asked to) - 6:55
  5. How to Teach More Vocab 14:30
  6. How to Balance Different Languages at Home - 6:52
  7. The Definitive Guide to Teaching Eye Contact - 5:57
  8. Why Gadgets are Good! - 6:46
  9. Child Not Responding to His Name - 8:01
  10. Child Doesn't Say All the Syllables in a Word - 9:45

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