“Finally, My Son Speaks His First Meaningful Sentence Within a Week!”


Online Course for Parents Reveals How to Teach Speech Delayed Children to Speak at Home

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*Disclaimer - Children learn and develop at their own pace, we do not guarantee or promise similar results. Examples here are isolated cases. Lastly, we do not claim methods here to be evidence-based.

What Mothers Are Saying

Stopped hand pulling and started saying "MAMA" in 3 days!

The child learns to sit nicely in the first go!

Mother teaches her child to say "Mama Open"

Is it a Struggle Pushing Your Child to Speak?

Well, you’re not alone, actually 99% of the parents we speak to have the same problem. Wouldn’t it be easy if you could get him to talk with a push of a button?

No more…

  • Hand pulling
  • Screaming
  • Hitting
  • Snatching

Instead, he speaks to YOU (not just repeating stuff from YouTube).

6-Year-old ASD Boy Speaks His First Sentence in a Week

“I Know My Child Can Talk, But He Just Refuses"

says 99% of all speech delayed parents. Want to know why? Well, the answer is: you’re not inviting him to talk to you…

What does that even mean Ming!? And this is when you’ll say…

I already make her talk whenever she wants something!

He only speaks when I ask him what he wants!

It really is up to her mood, there’s nothing I can do...

He knows how to do it… He’s just being naughty and a trickster!

Sounds to me your child is controlling the interaction.

What I’m trying to say is… there’s a much easier way instead of repeating yourself 100X a day.

It’s the way you interact with your little one. You need to learn a new habit, a new method and stop doing what isn’t working!

Habits that makes your little one talk.

Join 818+ Children in Building the Habit to Talk

Parents from all around the world are using these methods to encourage communication at home!

Join our family of children from Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Canada and more!

Even the Best Therapist Cannot Go Home with You.

It’s super important that you know exactly how to handle your child at home yourself. 

If you're saying:

But I’m not patient enough…

Is this going to be too hard for me?

I’m not a therapist or teacher, I never had training!

Worry not my dear friend, we’ve been teaching online for more than a year now. And mothers like yourself (or dads, yes, you’re in the minority here) are taking these simple advices and crushing it at home.

With Better Communication Habits, You Would:

  • see huge improvements in language
  • have your child follow every instruction
  • keep his temper in check
  • teach her anything you want
  • stop him from running away (keeping him safe from danger)
  • …have her sit quietly and patiently without a gadget (including meal time)
  • control the snatching (so you don’t have to apologize to strangers anymore)

What Parents are Saying...

We only give practical advice that work. You don't have to listen to us, hear from your fellow parents.

Lori - USA

"I thought it was going to be several videos in before I learned something new, but I was wrong. In one of the first videos, you said to not ask them what this is, what that is, making everything a quiz.  Completely guilty of doing that!"

Oksana - Indonesia

"I've learned tons of good information from your videos and the online course that I've signed up for and still continue learning.  
One of my favorite thing (although there are much more than one :)) is the counting technique.  We've been using this mostly while turning off her Ipad and it has been very helpful."

Child starts imitating after changing 1 habit

3 year old learns to call Mama in 3 days

6 year old speaks instead of snatch

Want the Same Results for Your Child?

Well, you can if you are willing to learn and actually try out our strategies. When there’s a will, there’s a way! Not to mention couple of the parents in our community don’t even speak English, so if you’re reading this fine, you’re more than okay and ready to go!


Parent's Micro-Course for Teaching Speech Delayed Children at Home

We've created a short online course for parents that packs all the best advice we can give (without doing an assessment). As you have seen, it has benefited more than 85 parents all over the world. Let us work together to get your child talking to you (just like the parents above).

What You'll Learn

  1. Sure Fire Way to Teach Your Child to Sit Nicely - 5:46
  2. How to Fix Your Ignored  Questions and Commands - 6:33
  3. How to Tackle Babbling and "Alien Language" - 6:10
  4. Teaching Communication Initiative (For Children Who Talk Only When Asked to) - 6:55
  5. The Definitive Guide to Teaching Eye Contact - 5:57
  6. How to Teach More Vocab 14:30
  7. How to Balance Different Languages at Home - 6:52
  8. Why Gadgets are Good! - 6:46

All of this is pre-recorded and you can watch it

  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • At the comfort of your own house.

You'll have lifetime unlimited access to these lessons.

Meet Your Instructor

Ming Fung

  • Master’s of Speech Therapy
  • Member of the Hong Kong Speech Therapy Association
  • Private Speech Therapy Practitioner at Jakarta Indonesia
  • Founder of Agents of Speech - helping more than 818 kids over the internet

Parents Raving About the Micro-course

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We hate it when parents aren't satisfied. It's a gamble to listen to us and we get it. There are so many different techniques out there - for you to take the time to listen to what we have to say is already more than enough.

Try out the advice in this micro-course. If you aren't happy with any part of it, just send me an email and I'll personally send your money back in the first 60 days with no questions asked, no matter the reason.

If you’re ready, join our online micro-course – you’ll be done in a week if you learn 15 minutes a day only (you can watch or listen to it when you’re doing chores).

Parents pay me 100USD an hour to learn this from private consultations, now you get to learn it at a fraction of the price.

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