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*Disclaimer - Children learn and develop at their own pace, we do not guarantee or promise similar results. Examples here are isolated cases. Lastly, we do not claim methods here to be evidence-based.

Hey Parent,

Does your child do the following?

  • Speak 1 word at a time
  • Has problems forming phrases/sentences
  • Cannot answer “who” or “where” questions
  • Speaks in frozen phrases from nursery rhymes and videos
  • Says “I want ____” only when there’s something s/he wants

If any of the above describes your child, please do read on. 

Your Child is Stuck at Single Word Level!

At this stage, children have lots of single words but fail to string words together.

Sometimes, children memorize frozen phrases from videos. Those are not true sentences, because the child cannot use those words interchangeably. That’s why we call it frozen phrases, it is stuck at a particular structure.

But you’d say, what about when s/he says “I want ____”, isn’t that a sentence?

Well, yes and no.

When a child can add “I want ____” or “this is a ____” in front of a word. We call that a “carrier phrase”. 

What does that mean?

It means your child can use that word even with some words in front.

Let me explain… Adding “I want” or “this is a” in front of a word doesn’t change the meaning at all. Your child is still asking for something or labelling something.

Therefore, the words added are not meaningful.

How do we solve this? By teaching your child how to describe.

Descriptive Language is the Skill You Need to Teach!

Why? Because most therapy focuses on teaching the child to request (mand). This teaches children to communicate only when they want something. We need to teach describing and commenting when we’re interacting. That’s how we start a conversation!

This method is no secret, all therapists know it but not many have taken the time to teach parents!

We’ve taught this method to 23 parents and achieved the same result. They can all now combine words to communicate.

Here’s an example:

A student named K (keeping his name private) came to me when he was 3. We worked hard to make him talk, three months in he was speaking in 1-word sentences.

At the clinic, he was improving every day and we finally got him to speak in sentences.

However, at home, it was a totally different story. He’d still speak 1 word at a time, and when prompted to speak in longer phrases, he’d slap his mom (ouch!).

That’s why we decided to start a home program for the mother. After 7 weeks, we saw a huge improvement and K started to speak in longer phrases at home.

Here’s a video of K and his mother working at home - Want the Same Results for Your Child?


Introducing the Word Combiners Course for Parents

We’ve put everything we know about sentence building into an organized course for you. These are proven techniques that have worked for other parents. 

We have 3 simple sections that make it easy to follow.

Here's the breakdown of the course:

Now it might seem overwhelming... Below is the first lesson in the course describing what the 3 sections are.

We also include demonstrations from your instructor Ming and other parents who have been there and done that.


Meet Your Instructor

Ming Fung

  • Master’s of Speech Therapy
  • Member of the Hong Kong Speech Therapy Association
  • Private Speech Therapy Practitioner at Jakarta Indonesia
  • Founder of Agents of Speech - helping 818+ kids over the internet

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